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200W Solar LED street Light

Products Code : PHOTON SSL200

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Model No.: Photon-SSL200
Power Consumption: 200W
Dimming And Dust to Down: 3000k - 6500k
Color Temperature: 160lm/W
LED Lumen Output: 32000
Maximum Lumens: 70-82
CRI: 70-82
Lifetime (ta=25 °C): 50000 hrs
Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
Pole Entry Dia (mm): 7.2
Weight (kg): 7.2
Dimension: 510x290x60mm
IP Rating : IP66


The sun is an in-exhaustive, reliable, non-polluting source of power. Concerns over global climatic change, local air pollution and resource scarcity make photovoltaic (PV) an

increasingly attractive energy supply technology. Using solar energy with LEDs instead of CFL provides a very efficient solution. Solar powered outdoor lighting

products are ideal for lighting the area in remote locations where the electricity is unavailable or erratic. Even in urban areas, these find great usage to reduce dependency

on conventional power and contribute towards green energy. Reliable and long life makes this solution effective in fulfilling our present and future lighting requirements.



• No line voltage, trenching, or metering

• No power outages

• Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days

• Independent power and light source- no two systems are connected, hence no single point of failure.

• Easy to install

• No maintenance except for the battery

• No cost of transformers or meters to be added for electric service

• Qualify for savings from various state taxes and incentives

• No monthly electric bills

• Controlled charging to prolong battery service life

• Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity

• Environment friendly - 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution

• IP 66 Luminaire ensures long lasting and consistent high performance

• Self-contained solution - Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing

• No running cost



• Street Lighting

• Roadway Lighting

• Pathway Lighting

• Ramp Lighting

• Sidewalk Lighting

• Private Road Lighting

• Farm Lighting

• Wildlife Area Lighting

• Perimeter Security Lighting

• Park Lighting

• Gate Lighting

• Railway Yard Lighting

• Fence Lighting

• Campus Lighting

• Ship Dock Lighting

• Remote Area Lighting

• Military Base Lighting

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