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The lighting requirements on main roads are very high. Light should make traffic safer for everyone. In addition, road luminaires improve orientation, make the course of the road visible from far away and emphasize hazardous areas.

A special focus is placed on motorized traffic. The quicker motorists drive, the more important the quality of the light is. Good lighting that complies with standards illuminates the road surface perfectly and enhances the overall visual capabilities of drivers. In addition to the lighting strengths stipulated in these standards, even dispersion of luminance on the road and the glare elimination properties of the lighting are crucial.

One particularly important aspect of modern lighting on main roads is energy efficiency. Sometimes the luminaires used for street illumination incorporate out-of-date lamp technology or antiquated systems in urgent need of upgrading. Integrating intelligent control concepts in main street lighting has enormous potential for saving energy and reduces maintenance costs and CO2emissions.

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