Product Details


  • Portable and aesthetic Design
  • Pollution-free and eco-friendly
  • Field tested for over 7 years
  • Compliant with performance standards
  • Upgraded PWM with solar charge controller
  • Built in Temperature compensation
  • Advanced charge topology to enhance battery life
  • Grid/External Charger: In absence of sunlight, one cancharge the system through this external charger that can be directly connected to the main electricity supply.




Solar PV module

15watt polycrystalline


12vdc 7ah Exide SMF battery

Grid charging option

Yes (During cloudy atmosphere)

LED Luminary

2 pcs of 4watt LED bulb - 400 lumens

Mobile charging

USB port for controlled mobile charging - 1 amp max.

LED indications

Red LED   - Battery low load disconnect


Green LED - Battery charging


Yellow LED - Grid/external power connected

Back up

5-6 hour daily operation

Charge controller type

Three stage battery charge monitoring algorithm

Humidity range

0 to 95%

Temperature range

0’C to 65’C

Model no.


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